Department of Pathology

S.N. Name Post
1 Dr. Amar Gangwani Professor & Head
2 Dr, Atul Jain Associate Professor
3 Dr. Shikha Agarwal Assistant Professor
4 Dr. Santosh Kumar Gond Assistant Professor
5 Dr. Mitesh Shah Assistant Professor
6 Dr. Ratna Jain Demonstrator
7 Dr. Hitendra Singh Yadav Demonstrator
8 Dr.Akanksha Jain Demonstrator
9 Dr. Sonal Viyas Demonstrator
10 Dr. Nitin Thakur Demonstrator
11 Dr. Mahipal Singh Thakur Demonstrator
12 Dr. Manoj Chourasiya Demonstrator

Non Teaching Staff

S.N. Name Post
1 Shri Javed Khan Lab Technician
2 Shri Amit Sharma Lab Technician
3 Shri Aashish Garg Lab Technician
4 Shri Avdesh Singh Yadav Lab Technician
5 Shri Vinay Patel Lab Technician
6 Smt. Kranti Verma Lab Technician
7 Ku. Suchita Agarwal Lab Technician
8 Shri Naresh Kumar Jatav Lab Technician
9 Shri Devlal Vatti Lab Technician
10 Shri Prakash Yaduvanshi Lab Technician
11 Shri Jaishankar Gautam Lab Technician
12 Shri Arvind Raghuvanshi Lab Technician
13 Smt. RajneeVerma UDC
14 Shri Aashish Kumar Panday Lab Attendant
15 Shri Suresh Kumar Ahirwar Lab Attendant
16 Shri Chatur singh Baghel Lab Attendant

Research publications:

S.N. Titel Type Name Publisher
1 Cervical Cancer and its Demographic Factors at Central India. International journal of Scientific Study; July 2016 Vol 4 Issue 4. Original Article Dr. B.K. Sharma(First) Index Copernicus
2 A Study of different Patterns in Soft Tissue Tumors. Indian Journal of Pathology and Oncology January- March 2016 Original Article Dr. B.K. Sharma(First) Index Copernicus
3 An Evaluation of Pancytopenia in Peripheral blood smears. Indian Journal of Pathology and Oncology;April-June 2016;3(2);159-164 Original Article Dr. Vibha Trichal (Second) Index Copernicus

Surgical Pathology.

Haematology :