New Vacancies in Govt. Bundelkhand Medical College (BMC) Sagar

Selection list for the post of Demonstrator,MO and LMO letter no694 dated 12.02.2020

Vacancies for SR & JR letter no 629 dated 07.02.2020

Interview Information for Demonstrator, MO and LMO letter no 573 dated 04.02.2020

Vacancies for SR & JR letter no 549 dated 03.02.2020

Deficient documents of SNCU candidates applied for the post of staff nurse letter no 456 dated 25.01.2020

Vacancies for SR & JR letter no 427 dated 23.01.2020

Vacancies for SR & JR letter no 299 dated 16.01.2019

Walk in interview for the post of PGMO (SNCU) letter no 249 dated 15.01.2020

Vacancies for SR & JR letter no 183 dated 13.01.2020

Information related SR & JR interview, letter no 182 dated 13.01.2020

Eligible and non Eligible candidate list for MO,LMO and Demonstrator letter no 131 dated 09.01.2020

Vacancies for Sr & JR letter no 91 dated 06.01.2020

Selection list for AG 3 letter no 9528 dated 31.12.2019

Selection list for Cashier letter no 9527 dated 31.12.2019

Selection list for AG 2 letter no 9526 dated 31.12.2019

Amendment & Extension in Nursing staff advertisement ,letter no 9457 dated 27.12.2019

Eligible Not Eligible Candidates list and Interview Information for Non Academic Cader Candidates letter no9456 dated 27.12.2019

Vigyapti sansodhan nursing and non academic letter no. 9105 dated 19.12.2019

Internal vacancy for non acadmic post letter no 9096 dated 18.12.2019

Internal advertisement for nursing post letter no. 9097 dated 18.12.2019

Information regarding Demonstrator MO and LMO vacancies letter no 9043 dated 16.12.2019

Vacancies for MO, LMO and Demonstrator letter no 8985 dated 12.12.2019

Vacancies in NHM on contractual basics by RBSK letter no 8986 dated 12.12.2019

SNCU AMENDMENT INCREASE OF VACANCY letter no 8984 dated 12.12.2019

Selection list for Anesthisiology dept. letter no 8880 dated 10.12.2019

Selection list for Surgery dept. letter no 8831 dated 09.12.2019

Selection list for Pathology dept. letter no 8830 dated 09.12.2019

Selection list for Ortho. dept letter no 8827 dated 09.12.2019

Selection list Pediatric dept letter no 8810 dated 09.12.2019

Vacancies for SR & JR letter no 8768 dated 07.12.2019

Vacancies for Staff Nurse (Sambida ) for SNCU letter no 8760 dated 07.12.2019

Eligible and Non eligible candidate list letter no 8739 dated 06.12.2019

Vacancies for SR & JR letter no 8578 dated 30.11.2019

Amendement in Contractual basics Vacancies letter no 8451 dated 25.11.2019

Vacancies on contractual bases for Asso. prof and Assistant Prof letter no 8301 dated 20.11.2019

Vacancies for SR & JR letter no 8166 dated 08.11.2019

rejection of Advertisement for the post Physiotherapist, Clinical Psychologist and T.B. and Chest Health disease Visitor letter no 8046 dated 05.11.2019

Rejection of advertisement for the post of Hospital administrator. Ass.Hospital Administrator. Deputy Registrar and Biomedical Engineer letter no 8045 dated 05.11.2019

Vacancies for SR & JR letter no 7966 dated 02.11.2019

Vacancies for Associate prof. and Assistant prof.letter no 7197 dated 05.10.2019

Selection List letter no 7213 dated 05.10.2019

Eligible and non Eligible Candidate list letter no 7187 dated 05.10.2019

Vacancies for Associate Prof. and Assistant Prof. letter no 7090 dated 01.10.2019

Selection list letter no 6589 dated 18.09.2019

Eligible,not Eligible and Provisional Eligible candidate list for Interview date 18-09-19 letter no 6548 dated 17.09.2019

VACANCY FOR Associate professor and Assistant Professor letter no 6404 dated 09.09.2019

Vacancies for SR & JR letter no 6031 dated 26.08.2019

Selection List Letter no 5934 dated 21.08.2019

Amendment in Eligible & non eligible candidate List for the post of Biomedical engineer letter no 5880 dated 20.08.2019

Information regarding Interview for the post of Proff, Asso. Prof. letter no 5854 dated 19.08.2019

Information regarding Interview for Medical Officer post letter no 5853 dated 19.08.2019

Eligible and non eligible candidate list for post of TB and Chest disease Health visitor letter no 5852 dated 19.08.2019

Eligible & non Eligible candidate list for the post of Physiotherepist letter no 5851 dated 19.08.2019

Eligible & non Eligible candidate list for the post of Biomedical Engineer letter no 5850 dated 19.08.2019

Eligible & non Eligible candidate list for the post of Deputy Ragistrar letter no 5849 dated 19.08.2019

Eligible & non Eligible candidate list for the post of Assis. Hospital Administrator letter no 5848 dated 19.08.2019

Eligible & non Eligible candidate list for the post of Hospital Administrator letter no 5847 dated 19.08.2019

Eligible candidate for the post of Professor letter no 5846 dated 19.08.2019

Vacancies for the post of Professor letter no 5801 dated 16.08.2019

Vacancies for SR & JR letter no 5793 dated 14.08.2019

Information regarding SR & JR interview letter no 5791 dated 14.08.2019

Vacancies for Sr & JR letter no 5681 dated 08.08.2019

Eligible not eligible candidate for the post of associate professor letter no 5652 dated 07.08.2019

Regarding selection process of Hospital administration, Assistant Hospital administration, Deputy Registrar, Biomedical engineering and Physiotherapist, Clinical psychologist and T.B. Chest decease health visitor letter no 5540 dated 05.08.2019

Regarding information about Hospital AdministratorAssistant Hospital administratorDeputy RegistrarBiomedical Engineering and Physiotherapist Clinical Psychologist T.B. Chest disease Health visitor letter no 5494 dated 03.08.2019

Internal advertisement for the post of Associate professor letter no 5484 dated 03.08.2019

Vacancies for SR & JR Letter no 5139 dated 23.07.2019

Info.for the post of Clinical Psyco., Physiotherapist & TB and Chest diseases letter no 4847 dated 10.07.2019

Information for the post of Biomad. Engg., Hosp. Admin. & Asst. Hospi. Admin letter no 4848 dated 10.07.2019

SR & JR interview information letter no 4504 dated 29.06.2019

vacancies for SR & JR letter no 4503 dated 29.06.2019

Information regarding cancel of interview letter no 4265 dated 19-06-19

Selection List of Internal Candidate letter no 4203 dated 19.06.2019

Selection List of Contractual base Candidate letter no 4202 dated 19.06.2019

eligible not eligible provisional eligible and interview information for the post of professor.asso.professor assitant professor and M.O, L.MO letter no 4170 dated 18.06.2019

Vacancies for SR & JR letter no 4097 dated 12.06.2019

information regarding postponement of interview letter no 4016 dated 11.06.2019

eligible and non eligible candidate list letter no 3982 dated 10.06.2019

tenuar advertisement amedment letter no 3902 dated 06.06.2019

vacancy for Professor, Asso. Prof.,A.P,Demo and M.O.,L.M.O letter no 3751 dated 31.05.2019

tenuar vacancy of Asso.Professor and Asst. Professor letter no 3749 dated 31.05.2019

regarding vacancy of professor and on college level letter no 3816 dated 01.06.2019

SR & JR interview result letter no 3746 dated 31-05-19

selection list letter no. 3743 dated 31.05.2019

Important information releted SR & JR Vacancies letter no 3715 dated 30.05.2019

Vacancies for SR & JR letter No 3713 dataed 30.05.2019

document requiered for interview (date 31.05.2019) letter no 3702 dated 30-05-2019

Information regarding interview date, letter no. 3677 dated 29.05.2019

eligible not eligible candidates letter no 3663 dated 29.05.2019

Vacancies for Professor, Associate prof., Assistant prof. and demonstrator letter no 3471 dated 21.05.2019

regarding hospital administration, asst.Hospital administration, Deputy Registrar and Biomedical Engeenring letter no 3414 dated 20.05.2019

regarding Physiotherapist, Clinical psychologist and t.b chest health disease letter no 3415 dated 20.05.2019

selection list letter no 3404 dated 20.05.2019--- NOTE-- "The seclection list for the Post of Assistant Prof. for the Department of Dermatology and demonstrator displayed is provisional.It will be deemed final if No valid objection to the seclection is received by 27.05.2019."

eligible provisional eligible letter no 3378 dated 20.05.2019

vigyapti sanshodhan letter no 3367 dated 17.05.2019

Vacancies for Proff.Asso. Proff, Assis. Prof letter no 3264 dated 13.05.2019

selection list letter no 3261 dated 13-05-2019

selection list (interview held on 30.04.2019) letter no 3260 dated 13-05-19

Eligible and Non Eligible candidates letter no 3215 dated 10.05.2019

Vacancies for Sr & JR letter no 3206 dated 10.05.2019

Amendment in Vacancies for Proff. ,Asso. Proff. & Asst. Proff. letter no 3163 dated 09.05.2019

Vacancies for Proff. ,Asso. Proff. & Asst. Proff. letter no 3075 dated 03.05.2019

Selection list SR & JR letter no 3060 dated 2.05.2019

Vacancies for SR & JR,letter no. 2970 dated 27.04.2019

notification for Super speciality services Letter no. 1755 dated 02.03.2019

Seclection list Lady Medical Officer

Seclection list Medical Officer

Vacancies for SR & JR 26.02.2019

Details for Hospital Aministration Post

Calculation of Prorata for MO and LMO

Interview date for post of MO & LMO

MO & LMO Eligible not eligible20.02.2019

Advertise for paramedical post 18.02.2019

Advertise for Hospital Management post 18.02.2019

SR & JR interview date information

Vacancies for SR & JR 14.02.2019

Selection list Roll on interview 12.02.2019

Interview date and list of eligible & non eligible candidate 08.02.2019

Vacancies for SR & JR 11.02.2019

Information regarding Date Excention for MO and LMO vaciency 04.02.2019

List of eligible & noneligible candidate 04.02.2019

Vacancies for SR & JR 02.02.2019

post increase information 31.01.2019

Vacancies for Sr & JR 25.01.2019

Sansodhan,vigyapti 18-01-2019

Amendment Roll on Interview 18-01-2019 detail full

Roll on Interview 18.01.2019

Vacancies for Medical officer & Lady Medical officer 18.01.2019

Vacancies for SR & JR 18.01.2019

Vacancies for SR & JR 14.01.2019

Selection list Roll on Interview 5.01.2019

Vacancies for SR &JR 04.01.2019

Roll on Interview 02.01.2019

Selection List 27.12.2018

Vacanciae for SR & JR 22-12-18

Eligible & Not Eligible for supritendent post

Roll on Interview - Selection List 18.12.2018

Eligible and non eligible candidate list for Asso. Proff. 14.12.2018

Vacancies for SR &JR 14.12.2018t

Vacancie for Superitendent

Order and Rules for NPA

Selection list for ART 04.10 .2018

Interview information 04.10.2018

Selection list 04.10.2018

Information for Fee Deposit

Eligible not eligible candidate list 03.10.2018

Vacancies for SR & JR 29.09.2018

Important Information regarding Interview

Advertisement for the post ofSMO-ART center,walk in interview on 04.10.2018

Roll On Interview 26.09.2018

selection list 26.09.2018

Vacancies for SR & JR 22.09.2018

Vacancies for Prof.,Asso. Prof.,A.P and Demonstrator 12.09.2018

selection list 12.09.2018

interview for post asso. & A.P

Scrutiny list 01.09.2018

Calculation of prorata 01.09.2018

Vacancies for SR & JR 31.08.2018

Vacancies for SR & JR 25.08.2018

Vacancies for SR & JR 20.08.2018

Vacancies for SR & JR 13.08.2018

Vacancies for SR & JR 04.08.2018 Vacancies for Prof.,Assot. Prof,Asst.Prof and demonstrator dated 04.08.2018