About Bundelkhand Medical College

Bundelkhand Medical College was establised at sagar madhya pradesh in the year 2007 . Dr s.c. Tiwari acted as a first dean of this college. The first batch started in 2009. This institute is developing as biggest centre for improving the teaching activity as well as for higher quality health facality for the people of entire bundelkhand region.

Sagar is located approx 2oo km away from bhopal.the distance between the sagar and other two medical college jhansi and jabalpur is almost equal to bhopal .so this the centre of these medical clolleges. Presently only mbbs course run by the college and there is a future plan to start dental, nursing and para-medical courses. This collge is affliated to dr hari singh gour university sagar. This is the only medical college affiliated to central university.


1. College building; this is consist of administrative sub-block and non clinical and paraclinical departments. These all departments having their own musium.building is beutifully designed and constructed. Grond floore having the administrative sub block, anatomy and bio-chemistry department. Physiology and p.s.m. department located at 1st floore.presently central library and lecture theatre-1 runnig in first floor. Library having the books of latest edition.all types of jouneral available in this library.there is sets of computrs systems having the internet facality.there is separate boys and girls common room having table tenis, chess and carrum for playing. Another lecture theatre -2, pathology and forensic medicine department situated at second floor.examination hall is also present at this floore. Departments of pharmacology and microbiology department present is at top floor.

2. A central library and three lecture theatres are under construction.

3. Behind the college building there is one animal house and mortuary. It is one of the best mortuary in all over asia.

4. Hospital and opd block-all the clinical department and opd present in this block and these are under construction.there is separate cantene for the college which is also uner construction.

5. Gas plant and incinarator-these are situated near by the college building.

6. Auditorium of this college is under construction.

7. Accomodaton-this block having the separate bunglow for dean and supritendent.multiplex separate block accomodatoin for professors, associate professors, assistant professors, and demonstrators. There is separate accomodation for class three and class for staff near by these buildings .there is planning to build a temple.

8. Hostel-there are five hostels which are almost complete.one big hostel for girls and near by this building there is a female jounior resident hostel .side by this female jounior resident accomodation there is a separate hostel for nursing staff.along with these hostel one big hostel for boys and another for male jounior resident hostels having the good arrangements of water and electricity. There is a mess for delicious food.

9. Guest house-a beautiful guest house is located in the centre of campus.this guest house is having three a.c. suits and 12 separate rooms. Allthe suits and rooms are well furnished.refrigerator and aqua guard with water cooler facality also available in this sub block.a beutifull dinnig room is also present for lunch and dinner.

10. Behind the guest house there is play ground.



    In november 2007 Govt . of M.P. decided to start a new medical college for the people of Bundelkhand. Honorable Chief Minister of M.P. Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan and honorable Minister of Medical education Dr Gori Shanker Shejwar decided to start this project. Principal secretary and Director of Medical Education Department were called to search for an officer for this dream project. In Feb 2008 Profesor Dr S.C. Tiwari accepted this difficult task and got appointed as a nodal officer and acting Dean for this new project.

    First office of Sagar medical college was started at Satpura Bhavan Bhopal under the supervision of Dr V.K. Saini (DME MP GOVT.) and Dr Saraswat (Project Director) another small office was started at Sagar inside the District hospital which was handled by Mr Yadav (A.O.). Later on the staff was increased. The first working team consisted of Miss Bhavna Bhimte, Dr Gaurav Sharma, Dr Ravi Pachori, Dr Mahendra Kumar Bharti, Dr Y. Pawade, Dr Vishal, Dr Mitesh Shah and Dr Rajbhan, Dr Amit Jain, Dr Kusum Patidar and Dr A.K. Mathur. This team worked from a single room at Satpuda Bhavan Bhopal. Another team of doctors was working at Sagar m.p. This team consisted of Dr R. Pandey, Dr Sarvesh Jain, Dr Depak Shrivastava, Dr Shikha, Dr Amar Gagwani, Dr Anil, Dr Dushyant, Dr Pinkesh, Dr Malti, Dr Anand and Dr Anju Jha.

    In may 2009 the officers team was shifted from Bhopal to Sagar and started working for the development of college. Above team members gave their support for the progress of this college. Later on Professor Dr V. M. Agnihotri, Professor Dr Mrs Mukul Yadav, Professor Dr R.S. Verma, Dr Annapurna Bose, Dr S.S. Mishra gave their support for the development of college.

    Dr S.C. Tiwari, Dr V. M. Agnihotri and Dr M.K. Bharti gave their best support for entire development of this institute. Due to all combined efforts Sagar medical college came in to existence and got permission by M.C.I. in October 2009. At the time of L.O.P. this was the only recognized Govt. medical college in Madhya pradesh. On 5 nov 2009 honorable Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan inaugurated this college for the first academic session. This was the only project which almost completed in 2 year short duration. Bundelkhand Medical college is affiliated to Dr Hari Singh Gour university and District hospital Sagar. It is the first associated hospital for this college.