बुंदेलखंड मेडिकल कॉलेज

सागर मध्य प्रदेश

सामान्य परिषद

S.N. Name & designation Committee designation
1 Hon�ble Minister Govt. of MP
Ministry of Medical Education
2 Principal Secretary Govt. of MP
Department of Medical Education
3 Principal Secretary Govt. of MP
Department of Finance
4 Member of Parliament (Sagar) Member
5 Two Members of Legislative Assembly
6 Mayor of the town (Sagar) Member
7 Commissioner of Division (Sagar) Member
8 Ex-president of General Council Member
9 Nominee of MCI Member
10 Director of Medical Education Member
11 President of IMA in Sagar Member
12 One Representative of parents To be nominated by state Govt. Member
13 Representative of Ex-students of college To be nominated Member
14 All these person who have donated Rs. Two Lakhs or more for the College/hospital
(at present member 1.Mr. S.C. Jain, 2. Dr. N.P. Sharma)
15 Two Representative of Medical Teachers,Based on seniority by rotation to be nominated by state Govt. Member
16 Local Head of PWD Member
17 Superintendent of the associate hospital Member
18 Nominee of the University To be nominated by concern University. Member
19 Division Joint Director Public Health
Family Welfare Department.
20 Dean of the College Member Secretary